The world wants a better, more trusted way to exchange value.

To improve global economic and social conditions through better utilisation of the world’s available capacity

Beyond Money, Unlocking Potential

Beyond Money, Unlocking Potential

The world wants a better, more trusted way to exchange value.

Recipco has introduced an economic, credit and trade solution that goes beyond money and unlocks the extraordinary potential that exists in the world’s abundance of resources and underutilised capacity.

Why is going beyond money important for everyone, everywhere?

  • Corporations: results in new sources of demand, increasing sales and driving enterprise value for shareholders

  • Governments: stimulates economic development, growth and prosperity

  • Civil society: provides a more inclusive, fair and sustainable way to participate in and contribute to economic and social development

The Problem

Money alone has proven insufficient to facilitate trade. There are many situations where need and capacity exist, but trade is not occurring because of credit constraints. Cash and credit have increasingly become scarce and billions of dollars of capacity goes unsold and unused every day – yet need remains unfulfilled.

For a variety of unpredictable reasons (economic cycles, competition, need to build ahead of demand, etc.), many corporations have an abundance of illiquid assets and/or unused capacity that drives no near-term value for the enterprise. These corporations need an efficient and trustworthy means of recognising and exchanging capacity that will allow them to unlock the value of their unused assets, and to participate and prosper under changing economic conditions.

Governments and civil society have a vested interest in seeing the world’s productive capacity used more efficiently through a system that is more inclusive and fair.

The Solution

Recipco Capacity Exchange is an innovative marketplace that enables capacity to be traded using a unique credit mechanism that serves as an inclusive and trustworthy medium of exchange. Enterprise-backed Credit Obligation (“ECO®”) is an independently administered, non-sovereign credit supply, valued on the basis of trade flow between the organisations participating in the exchange. It is fully backed by real economy assets and credit. This special purpose trading currency can be used at any time, to purchase capacity from other members in the exchange.

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The Result

The Recipco Capacity Exchange allows participants to create value from their unused capacity in an efficient way that mitigates risk, increases sales, promotes growth, improves competitiveness, and reduces dependence on cash and traditional forms of credit. It is a system largely unaffected by monetary policies, exchange rate fluctuations and other constraints of the current economic monetary system.

Recipco’s solution goes beyond money to introduce a disruptive alternative market and transaction mechanism for trade discovery, credit creation and payment that helps organisations profit from their underutilised capacity.

This in turn makes the global ecosystem a more productive and efficient one, without the limitations of cash and credit.

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